Powerful Visual Scripting for WordPress

Extend, customize and enhance your WordPress site without writing a single line of code

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Add the functionality you need without coding
Combine features from your installed plugins seamlessly
Take control of your WordPress site

Take control of your WordPress site

It's easy to modify anything. Using our flow editor, you can add custom data to your posts, create new post types, hook into your existing plugins, manipulate data, send emails - and much more!

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Plugin Support

We're adding support for new plugins every day. And even if your favourite plugin isn't supported, the Custom Hook triggers have you covered.

Core Support

WordPress Core features are fully supported - extend the front-end and dashboard, modify users, send custom emails + much more.


Extend WooCommerce by hooking into the Cart/Checkout process, manipulating products and orders, adding custom coupons and more.

Ninja Forms

No longer limited by shortcodes - display and extend forms anywhere

Advanced Custom Fields

ACF is fully supported - use your custom field data to create powerful actions

Triggers and Actions

Create Flows by linking together Triggers and Actions.

Use Triggers to detect when something happens on your site (for example, when a comment is posted).

Add one or more Actions to triggers to perform tasks such as manipulating data or sending emails.

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Advanced Filtering

Control when your flows execute by adding filters.

Want to display a custom form when an out of stock WooCommerce product is viewed? Simply add an "Out of stock" filter to your "View Single Product" trigger

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Powerful calculations and queries.

Using our calculation engine, you can perform complex calculations and fetch custom data.

Calculated fields

Want to add a 10% discount based on the total price of a user's cart? It's as easy as "Cart Total * 0.1".


Want to hide certain posts based on custom field data? Queries allow you to decide which content should be visible on your site.

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Introducing Trigger Happy

A few months back I wrote an article about WordPress Code Snippets — at the time, it was simply meant to be an online reference for common snippets of code that I use fairly regularly.
It ended up getting quite a few views, so this prompted me to finally finish a plugin that I had been working on....

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